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Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Locations in Los Angeles - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Santa Monica State Beach

    545 Reviews
    Santa Monica
    24.2km from downtown
    Ling Ru LIN
    "There are a large number of tourists traveling here all year round, and the business around the beach is booming. No matter what you eat or buy, you have to wait in line. You have to wait for the crowd to disperse to get a good view!"
    Highlights: Santa Monica Beach is a popular seaside holiday retreat in Los Angeles. Boasting turquoise water and pristine sand beaches, this is a place teeming with waterfront restaurants, bars and shops, making it a site bustling with action both day and night. With magnificent seascape much adored by Hollywood film directors, this is where many movies and TV shows have been filmed. Santa Monica Beach sits at the end of Route 66, a road of great historic value that traverses across the US from east to west. As a cultural symbol, the signpost of Route 66 is a photo takers’ mecca.
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  • No.2

    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    117 Reviews
    Los Angeles
    52.7km from downtown
    "So extreme that we loved it, my kids were running all around the place!! I Reccomend"
    Highlights: With dozens of dizzying roller coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a mecca for roller coaster enthusiasts. Most of the well-known crazy roller coasters in North America come from here. The world's first 4D roller coaster, the longest roller coaster in the United States, and the world's second tallest drop tower all converge here. The exciting experience will make your adrenaline soar, and the unprecedented pleasure will make you scream scream.
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  • No.3

    Melrose Avenue

    58 Reviews
    Los Angeles
    9.4km from downtown
    Tn Around
    ""Urth Caffe Melrose" Trendy cafe that is popular and busy (lots of people sitting outside for lunch and some tables inside). The service was quick even the business, and very friendly. There were lots of options to choose on the menu. Ordered the salmon bagel plate to-go which came with the toppings in one container and the bagel in a separate wrapping (for the customer to assemble which was neat). The bagel was fresh, and there was generous amounts of salmon and toppings. Would come back to try the other food items and drinks. Note that it is on the more pricier side, however it is known as an organic coffee and trendy cafe."
    Highlights: Melrose Street in the southwest of Hollywood is a popular fashion center for young people. Here, you can see the very trendy dress of local young people. For young people who are pursuing fashion, Melrose Street is a trend position not to be missed. Melrose Avenue, a boutique shopping destination, is home to numerous stores and celebrities who come to shop on Melrose Avenue. It is also a shopping paradise for many well-known fashionistas. 'Fred Siegel' at 8100 Main Street is a boutique for fashionable goods, casual or solemn in style. Many celebrities come to this store to buy new fashions. Nearby theatres and shows Of course, in addition to clothing stores and boutiques, the streets also have antiques, comics shops, and theatres. The theater here is also the place where the future stars of tomorrow will try their voices for the first time, for them to practice their voices or hold impromptu performances. Sunday nights are mainly for drama students, live rock band performances, piano bar and restaurant, etc. If you are interested, you may wish to come and watch. The Bodie Tree at 8585 Melrose Ave is a new age bookstore where Alanis Morissette is often looking for books to inspire new songwriting, as is Leonardo DiCaprio Buy new releases from authors here. Trendy and fashionable In addition, Melrose Street is also a comprehensive entertainment venue that integrates trendy elements such as food and culture. Here, whether you're looking for a delicious meal or a convenient light meal, you'll find something to suit your appetite. Also, if you save a little more, watch the young men walking down Melrose Street in trendy fashion, and learn a lot about dressing.
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  • No.4

    Rodeo Dr

    80 Reviews
    Beverly Hills
    14.7km from downtown
    Tn Around
    "Loved walking along here window shopping the designer shops - my 15 year old spotted a couple of tiktokers so was impressed - I didn't have a clue!"
    Highlights: In Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, there is a world-famous shopping street with famous stores, that is Rodeo Drive. There are many expensive stores on both sides of the street, and precious jewelry and clothing are gathered here. The luxurious storefronts are like art museums. Therefore, Rodeo Drive is known as the most expensive shopping avenue in the world, and it is also known as "one of the top ten shopping paradises in the world." one". Rodeo Drive uses a lot of gorgeous decorations, and the buildings on the avenue are carefully designed both indoors and out, reflecting the combination of art and commerce. RodeoDrII, which opened in recent years, has a dazzling interior design, with hand-carved marble and brass gates, and the sky-high arches make the fountain even more impressive. It is the most expensive shopping mall in the world.
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  • No.5

    Paul Smith

    18 Reviews
    Los Angeles
    12.1km from downtown
    "If you are an Ins controller, you must not miss the following red walls when you travel to Los Angeles, and you will be able to make a blockbuster in minutes! 1 .Paul Smith Wall | Pink Wall Talk about the first "red wall" in Los Angeles, and count the Paul Smith pink wall on Melrose Avenue. No matter what weather can take the ideal effect, more importantly, this wall area is large, and there is no need to pick the location (no pattern partition), so even if there are many people standing next to take pictures, you can take a pure pink of your own! Loved by girls! Focus on the focus, because the wall color is gorgeous, wearing black or white to take pictures is better. 🌟 Note: The side of the wall is a parking lot, and the security staff may prevent you from taking pictures with SLRs, but you are allowed to take pictures with your mobile phone; the side of the wall is unattended on the road, and you can shoot at will. California's sun is strongest in the afternoon, and if you are looking for photography, it is recommended to go in the morning."
    Highlights: PaulSmithLosAngeles is the Los Angeles branch of PaulSmith, a brand clothing store with the same name as the designer, which mainly sells shoes, clothing, accessories and more. The exterior of the store is painted a high-key pink, which is very eye-catching. This is one of Los Angeles' popular new punch-in landmarks. In addition, the pink wall here is also a very popular street photography spot for domestic and foreign hipsters, and many tourists also come here to take pictures.
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