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Top 5 Must-Visit Museums in Los Angeles - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    GRAMMY Museum L.A. Live

    75 Reviews
    Los Angeles
    2.1km from downtown
    "This place was not quite the same as we expected. It wasn’t as interesting as we expected, maybe our expectations were too high. My husband was interested in music and that was why I decided to go to the Grammys museum, but this place disappointed us. The museum's most fascinating exhibition is the red jacket in Michael Jackson's "Trembling" Mv. But by the time we got there, most of the exhibition was over."
    Highlights: This is a museum specially set up for the famous Grammy Awards Ceremony in the United States. It was officially opened to the public in 2008. The museum displays a variety of interesting exhibits related to the Grammy Awards, from which we can learn about the historical process of creating beautiful music, creating music events and people consuming music. Here, you will be exposed to more than 160 different styles of music profiles, and the classic photos and videos of the Grammys since its establishment are also stored in the museum for people to visit. You can even see the "shirts" and props worn by the award-winning stars at the Grammys. The third floor of the Grammy Museum is an interactive area. There is a huge display screen here. Visitors can use the touchpad to understand the music modules they are interested in. The interactive map can help everyone understand the music legends of different cities in the United States. . If you still don’t think you have enough fun, then come to the second floor to listen to a LIVE show. The museum arranges hundreds of music performances here every year, so you don’t have to worry about not having a live performance to watch.
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  • No.2

    Cerritos-Astor Classics

    1 Reviews
    25.5km from downtown
    "This nostalgia museum in Anaheim displays a lot of antiques, it is interesting to see and feel the changes in history."
  • No.3

    Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

    2 Reviews
    Long Beach
    31.4km from downtown
    "Museum of Latin American Art Amazing murals. Artist tells a story. Inspiring, very encouraging. Very detailed artwork. Some of them brought me to tears and generated a lot of emotion. Thanks to those who have this gift. Continue painting!"
    Highlights: The Museum of Latin American Art is a large-scale collection of Latin American contemporary art in the western United States. It collects the works of artists who have lived or worked in Latin America since the Second World War. Most of them are permanent collections of the museum, and some are for other museums or The exhibits are privately borrowed, and the artistic atmosphere is strong.
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  • No.4

    Zimmer Children's Museum

    10 Reviews
    Los Angeles
    11.7km from downtown
    "Museum: $15 for two adults and two children. This is a 2-story museum. First floor and basement. First floor, space is small and there is not much to play for children. The basement has more fun games and is educational. They even offer free artwork. Need to check their calendar. There is a snack bar so you can bring your own food and drink to the museum. You can definitely spend a few hours with your kids. Parking: There is no museum sign outside the parking lot, it is a shared parking lot with the Jewish Federal Building. You will see the security guard standing in front of the parking lot. They have a designated parking lot. Free."
    Highlights: Gemma Children's Museum, located in Los Angeles, USA, is a parent-child museum full of children's fun. In the museum, children can not only jump and jump, but also experience the fun of crafting.
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  • No.5

    Ripley's Believe It or Not!

    14 Reviews
    Los Angeles
    10.3km from downtown
    "It is a unique museum, full of outlandish things and unique artworks. Some interactive exhibitions are really interesting and it is very enjoyable to visit together by a group of people. There are also many photo opportunities. We enjoyed the tour with lots of photos taken inside. Some interactive activities made the experience more interesting. Just hope the airfare is cheaper. Can spend 2 hours here. One of the highlights of Hollywood."
    Highlights: Believe it or not, the museum is a must-visit spot for many people when they come to Los Angeles. It is full of stories and models of strange people and strange things, all created one-to-one with real people. The museum is full of a weird and slightly gloomy atmosphere. It shows events that make you wonder whether you should believe or not, phenomena that make you feel incredible, and facts that open your mind, you have to be prepared, once you step into this museum, you will be like a huge whirlwind , caught in a black hole of knowledge beyond human comprehension.
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