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Top 7 Instagram-Worthy Locations in Zurich - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
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    330m from downtown
    "Since we were there in December, the street was decorated for Christmas and there were a few stalls from the Zurich Christmas market on the street, only handicrafts. you could buy almost everything- arts and crafts, gastronomy (also mulled wine, with a certificate required). shops close very early- at 7 pm so be ready not to be too late! Check many shops with watches, glasses, try cheese and chocolate and voila- you saw everything in here"
    Highlights: Bahnhofstrasse (freely translated as Railway Station Street) is located on the west side of the Limmat River, extending from Zurich Railway Station to Bürkeli Square on the shore of Lake Zurich, with a total length of about 1.3 kilometers. This is one of the more expensive shopping streets in the world, as famous as New York's Fifth Avenue, and a must-see for everyone who comes to Zurich. The world business district is also a world-renowned business district. Bahnhofstrasse is known as "Swiss Wall Street". More than 200 banks from all over the world are stationed here, and the world's top ten banks have a place here, including appearing in many movies. Zurich Bank. The world's largest "gold market" is here. It is said that the gold reserves of many Swiss banks are stored under Bahnhofstrasse. Do you feel like walking on the "Golden Avenue" when you walk through it? Exquisite window display If you are not keen on shopping, you may wish to take a good look at the beautiful street view of Bahnhofstrasse, known as the "European window". In order to keep the streets clean and the air pure, no cars are allowed to pass here, and only trams run slowly through it. The streets are lined with shady trees, and the stone roads on the pavement have a medieval style. Most of the buildings next to the streets were built in the 19th century, which are simple and elegant, and have a low-key luxury. The well-arranged window displays of major brands are also a beautiful sight on Bahnhofstrasse. In addition, the branch of Swiss chocolate Sprüngli, known as the "essence of Switzerland", is located at Bahnhofstrasse 21.
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    400m from downtown
    "Zurich Cathedral This cathedral covers a large area and can accommodate about 300 people at the same time. It is also very beautiful to take pictures here. When I went there, no one visited there for a long time. And there are foxes and pigeons outside, it feels particularly romantic"
    Highlights: The Zurich Cathedral stands on the banks of the Limmat River, reflecting the Frauenkirche. Its unique twin towers have become a symbol of Zurich, blending Romanesque, Post-Gothic and Neo-Gothic architectural styles. The founder of the Zurich Cathedral is the famous Karl the Great. After the restoration in the 11th-13th centuries, you can see the seated statue of Karl the Great with a sword on the south tower, but this is a replica, and the real one is collected in the St. inside the hall. The underground chapel and the choir seats are the oldest existing parts of the church, dating back to the late 11th and early 12th centuries, and traces of frescoes on the decoration can still be seen today. During the Reformation movement in the 16th century, the religious reformer Huldrych Zwingli gave a speech here, calling on people to "work without forgetting prayer".
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    390m from downtown
    "Every time I travel, I am especially willing to go for a walk in some old local lanes and feel the life of the most simple people and some of the most romantic things in the local area. This alley is very long. It takes about three or four hours to walk. After walking, the scenery is beautiful."
    Highlights: Augustine Lane is located in the old town of Zurich, next to Bahnhofstrasse. It is a very historic street in the area. There are many exquisite historical buildings on both sides of the stone road, all of which are hung with the Swiss flag, full of romantic nostalgia. In the Middle Ages, Augustine Lane used to be a gathering place for Zurich's craftsmen. Today, these colorful little houses have been transformed into creative craft shops, cafes, bookstores, etc. You can take a good stroll here if you have enough time.
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    502m from downtown
    "Lindenhof Hill, 428 meters above sea level, and the relative height of Limat River 25 meters. Under the lush Bodhi tree, a sculpture, a pool of clear springs, a huge chess board, more than ten benches, and many tourists make up the whole park. In the picturesque country, at best, it is a civic square. The hill is not so much a park as a tour, but a condescending view of the city of Zurich. Standing by the stone fence of the park, the clear Limat River flows at the foot, and the cathedral, city hall and Polytechnic University on the other side are in sight. The scenery is unique here!"
    Highlights: Lindenhof is located in the old town of Zurich, known as the "green lung" of Zurich. The park is located on a small hill. With the Limmat River as the foreground, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Zurich, which is the ideal place to enjoy the view of the Zurich Cathedral and the right bank of the Limmat River. Lindenhof was once a customs place in ancient Roman times, and was later built as a fortress that could monitor the surrounding riverbanks, and people at that time would also gather here to express their opinions. Today, the unique park and hills on this side of the landscape are popular resting places for citizens. Lindenhof is also a good place to climb and look into the distance. At the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the city hall, the Limmat River, and the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
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  • No.5

    Town Hall (Rathaus)

    32 Reviews
    412m from downtown
    "The location of the City Hall is the most unique in the old town, it is built alone along the river, near this boundary of the river without a pedestrian trail, can be said to be directly inserted into the water, the track passes behind it, very eye-catching building."
    Highlights: The Zurich City Hall sits on the Limmat River and is built into the water, this white retro Baroque building is 700 years old. The interior of the City Hall is currently closed to the public, but its elegant architecture can be admired from the outside. In addition, there are many restaurants next to Zurich City Hall, some of which have terraces, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Limmat River and the Alps in the distance.
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    FIFA headquarters

    57 Reviews
    3km from downtown
    "FIFA headquarters is one of the important football headquarters in Europe, and a meeting place before major events, FIFA headquarters is the permanent unit, member countries include countries around the world, the World Cup is launched here."
    Highlights: FIFA is the English abbreviation of the famous International Football Federation (FederationInternationalofFootballAssociation). If you are a fan, then the FIFA headquarters in Zurich must be a stop on the trip not to be missed.
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    6 Reviews
    7km from downtown
    "Phil lattice in the plug is Zurich southwest mountain path to "planet" famous hiking routes (Planetenweg) of a head, with beautiful lakes scenery along the way."
    Highlights: Felsenegg is one end of the famous hiking route "Planet Road" on the southwest side of Zurich, and this road has a very beautiful lake landscape along the way, so remember to watch it when you are hiking. And the surrounding scenery is also very beautiful, very suitable for taking pictures.
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