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Things To Do in Hezhou

5,755 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
茱丽叶very suggestive, can spend an hour or so walking around and taking photos. the drive there is also nice. inside the village there are some cafe to sit down but probably not worth it. can get some souvenirs instead.
3,955 Reviews
阿尔塔西娅If you come to Hezhou, go to Huanghua Ancient Town first, if you have time, you must go to Gupo Mountain. Although it is not very big, it is like going to the wonderland. There should be 6 areas in the door to buy a battery ticket. Each area is a stop. My favorite is the Fangjia Tea Garden, very feeling, Auntie Mountain negative oxygen ion is very high, when I came to see a lot of old people to climb the mountain in the morning exercise. Recommend everyone to embrace nature!
929 Reviews
Geological Sites
lmjfx[Scenic] Very beautiful scenery, different from the stone forest in Yunnan, the stone inside is white! [Interesting] The paths in the stone forest are all round, winding paths are quiet, the scenery is changeable! The scenery is different! Because the afternoon is too hot and physical relationship, the sky is too high! [Good value] Tickets are not expensive, more than 60 has half tickets!
388 Reviews
288***87Beautiful environment, very good air, clear water, can relax, we didn't have many people when we came, casually took pictures of the beautiful scenery, very suitable for the usual busy city people to come to breathe oxygen, children and adults have a lot of fun.
367 Reviews
Geological Sites
melindazAlthough the "Ziyun Wonderland" cave is 6 kilometers long, but tourists can really reach and experience, only 1 kilometers. Along the way, dozens of large and small attractions have been developed, such as stone sea sky book, palace umbrella, big bronze bell, xianguyunpen, big banyan tree, lover's bridge, etc., in various lighting "retouching", it is not too much to say it one step at a time.
400 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M32***34The place is not big~ But the environment is OK~ The scenery is good, and it is fun and fun to be with friends, that is, someone can't stand the bright bath in the pool 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂