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Hot Springs Resort
你阔爱哒LPGood service, many projects, very happy day, the inside is very large, the hot spring is very real, the hand will not wrinkle in one day, there is time to hope to stay for two more days, it is best to stay in the hotel haha 😄
1,663 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
深国建幕墙Fun fun, 51 went too many people, slippers are not enough? There is free watermelon and drinks. Free parking in the parking lot. The waterskiing for two was fun. The net red shop opposite the scenic spot for 15 years boasts, the front people said not good, we go to the next few people's shop (front left) eat beard chicken (shajiang) very delicious, the bamboo and green vegetables industry delicious!
425 Reviews
Ornamental Hot spring
睡恣@M丶The mountains are rugged, the rivers are full of waterfalls, the springs, the springs, the rivers of all nature, sometimes fast, fast, brave, without danger, sometimes gentle, and twisting back and forth, the water here is clear and bright, like the Jiuzhaigou, especially the mist on the cloudy side, sometimes reflecting the halo of colour. The special dazzling R&F Hot Spring Health Valley R&F Hot Spring Health Valley is located in the National A-level Scenic Area Nankun Mountain Scenic Area.
481 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M24***59I have made a long strategy to finally decide to go to the hot springs here, the first experience, I feel very satisfied. Hotel check-in 👉 enter the room, give me the feeling is very big, very clean, a lot of items, very complete, very thoughtful ~🌸 The bed can be massaged by the power source, there is a sofa next to it to rest, and a computer can play a game; 🌸The bathroom is dry and wet, the toilet and the shower are separated, which is convenient for everyone to use; the packaging of toiletries is also very good, and the towels are stacked neatly; 🌸The wardrobe has a bathrobe, which is convenient to wear to the hot spring. Hotel rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hot Spring 👉 Hot Spring area on the left side of the lobby, you can enter indefinitely, as long as you bring your room card to the first floor before you go to check in, now because of the epidemic, the opening time is 14:00 ~ 22:00, and only five soup pools are open, there is a rest area in the middle, The rest area is served with fruit and soups to warm up. Hot Spring rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buffet 👉 On the negative first floor of the next Hilton Hotel, we live in the Furious Hotel, so if you want to eat breakfast, you have to walk from the Furious Hotel to the Hilton Hotel, but not far away, you can go across a bridge to ~🌸 The combination of Chinese and Western breakfast types, the variety is general, Not much, not little ~ Chinese style has porridge, flour, noodles 🍜, hot dishes, steamed goods, snacks, etc. 🌸 Western style is a variety of breads 🍞, milk, coffee ☕, salad, yogurt, fruit, etc. Buffet score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐Summary: Although it is a weekend, it is not expensive to compare the surrounding price, the environment is comfortable, quiet ~ cost-effective. 👍 There will be a chance to bring a family to experience ~
260 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
陌染MMTraveling to Huizhou, I stayed at the Dipai Hot Spring Hotel in Longmen. Dipai Hot Spring is located in the Dipai Town of Longmen, in the Yungui Mountains. It is China's first hot spring park with the theme of music culture. The water quality here belongs to the metasilicic acid spring. It is said that the sunrise water volume reaches 2500 cubic meters, the outlet temperature is 50 degrees to 55 degrees, and it is rich in as many as 75 kinds of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. The entrance of the hot spring is located on the first floor of the hotel, and the second floor is the lobby, so you have to go to the lower floor of the lobby for hot springs. It is called "Xiangyun Valley" and is the entrance of the hot spring. You need to show your room card to enter the door, one card per person, and then the waiter received the room card and replaced it with an entry card for entering the hot springs to give you and store expensive keys. It is also one card and a spoon for one person. The dressing room is quite large and the shower room is a bit old. , And a little peculiar smell was not cleaned. There is dry steaming in the dressing room, the kind of a room, the button is heated with water, yes, no one else used it at the time, it was exclusively owned by itself. There are clean towels everywhere in the dressing room, which can be changed at any time, but some are placed in the disinfection cabinet (without the disinfection function), and some are not put. I don't know if they are different. There are quite a lot of hot spring pools. It is said that there are 60 pools. At present, there are still some areas that are not open or not open. Those places are all accessible, but there is only a little water in the pool and no one is around. There are fish spas that are not open, and the geothermal area is not hot. You can go to other pools. In some places, privacy is good, but there are many people everywhere in busy times, and it is not easy to pick. Some say it is an Internet celebrity bubble pool, and everyone can check in. For example, a pool with red water should look good when taking pictures.
171 Reviews
Historical Architecture
咩咩Second visit, the staff and hospitality and the care for pregnant women was very heartfelt! However, because of the heat, I stayed in the visitor center to make tea and drink, the visitor center aunt also helped to boil water! After that, I will bring him again. After all, it is a ******jingqu, very educational!

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Longmen Travel Tips

About Longmen

Longmen (龙门), located in central Guangdong Province at the edge of the Pearl River Delta, offers a wealth of tourist attractions, especially hot springs. One well-known hot-spring mecca here is Longmen Tiequan (铁泉) in Wangping (王坪) Town. Nankun (南昆) Mountain National Park, known as “the Oasis on the Tropic of Cancer,” is in Longmen. This beautiful region also offers Tashan (塔山) Forest Park, Guifeng (桂峰) Mountain, and other scenic areas offering beautiful views.

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25 Oct, 2021 Longmen Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 90%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:25/17:49
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