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760 Reviews
roiberadorIt was an awesome and amazing experience! You need one whole day to enjoy such a huge place.
361 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
乌伤狂徒Absolutely large families, only such large families in ancient times would have such strict tutoring, now everyone's living conditions are good, and they started to build family style training gradually.
202 Reviews
roiberadorNot so bad. It is a nice place to walk and relax. The place has nice views with the mountains. The pathway leading to the top is nice. There are signs everywhere and it has some English translations. Its a Wednesday so not so many people were there. When i went there there were probably less than 10 people walking around. Maybe saturdays and sundays are busy. Also, there was less water. Maybe if there was rain before i went or maybe you can ask a local when is the best time to visit so you can enjoy the place with lots of water. It would have been awesome if there were lots of water.
234 Reviews
ld刘鑫It's really good to take the children, parking is convenient, it's not too crowded. The cable car boat is not tired after a day. You can barbecue yourself. The air is very good, the scenery is also good, the children who go to the mountains and water are especially happy, will come back next time! Fun, fun, good scenery,
113 Reviews
Water Park
m35***24Bali is a tropical island. It’s about 30 degrees all year round. It’s not high and low and not low. So playing in the water is really the best way to entertain. The water amusement project here is fun.
26 Reviews
Ancient Villages
快乐剑旗Songxi Village, Baima Town, Pujiang County, has been built for more than a thousand years. In the old days, the business was mainly to burn lime, and the markets were prosperous. Songxi is surrounded by mountains, and Mingxi and Anxi pass through the village. The scenery is beautiful and it is called "Little Hangzhou". The village retains a large number of ancient buildings and ancient dwellings, most of which were built by the Qing Dynasty. There are not only rich and gentry houses with high-walled gates, but also ordinary simple dwellings. The cultural heritage here is profound and talents come forth in large numbers. In recent years, the government has invested a lot of money in protecting and repairing ancient buildings. They have been repaired as they were, and they have also used the ancient buildings to build cultural creations and develop guest houses. This is a famous historical and cultural village in China, which is very worth visiting.

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Jiangnan Diyijia Scenic ResortJinhua,China

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Pujiang Travel Tips

About Pujiang

Pujiang is located in central Zhejiang. It has more than 1800 years of history and is known as the “state of culture” or the “home of painting and calligraphy.” It is home to the 10,000-year-old Shangshan Culture Site, which is the earliest Neolithic site discovered in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the southeastern coastal areas of China. Pujiang is also well-known as a beautiful area, a place for relaxation. The natural sights include Baishiwan, Shenli Gorge, and Xianhua Mountain.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Pujiang
17 Sep, 2021 Pujiang Weather: Cloudy, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 58%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:46/18:04
Pujiang Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Low

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