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Things To Do in Puning

407 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
奥尔斯克王翦Overall great, good value for money, fun and fun, good views, good, cheap, affordable, photos can also be taken, it is better to go in the morning, less people, more people at night, perfect in the morning, also in the apartment
83 Reviews
睡恣@M丶De'anli is located in the old county town of Puning Hongyang town Nancun, is the late Qing Dynasty Guangdong water master admiral Fang Yao and his brother built the village. Since the Tongzhi years of the Qing Dynasty, the ancient village has been through about a century and a half, the main structure is still intact, many houses still inhabited, local cultural and artistic associations are also in this place.
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睡恣@M丶The waterfalls are set in a deep mountain canyon, the mountains on both sides are green, woody, vines, bamboo, like the source of the world. The valley of the stones, the magical work, the magic flowers, different trees, each shine, 2 hours of travel enough to enjoy the wonders of the world waterfalls.
51 Reviews
City Park
陈达喜The park of the people of Liusha has an ancient monument to commemorate the people’s heroes, which brings people a historical and cultural education, so that the younger generation will not forget the history, pay tribute to them, learn from them and not forget their original intentions.
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Amusement Park
_We***20Overall great, good scenery, good value for money, fun and fun, there are many interesting attractions, only you can play with the corresponding package ticket, there are several sections inside, some relative to children, some relative to adults, and related long marches historical story tour
25 Reviews
Optical Illusion
吾兮永3D art breaks the previous impression of art appreciation. The exhibition shows the beauty of 3D virtual and real art that two-dimensional and three-dimensional space stimulate each other. It also encourages people to take pictures interactively and show off KUSO's innovative exhibition.