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Things To Do in Taoyuan

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M39***83I came to Taohuayuan to relax and breathe fresh air on the weekend. I drove myself. I arrived in more than an hour, which is more convenient than taking a train ☺️. Because I drove my car, I was not prepared to stay here overnight. After visiting the ancient town, it will be about 8:9 o'clock. It is still possible to return home. I don't have a regular sightseeing route, just follow the main road, where to go and where to go. There are quite a lot of farmhouse music here. I can smell the food at the meal point. It is very delicious 😏, the local food is really delicious, it is too few choices for one person. If you bring a few friends, you can taste a variety of food. Here, farmhouse and fish pond mahjong room are a good place to kill time.
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Flower Fields
gz当地向导伊妹儿Fenglin Huahai is located in Taoyuan, with nice scenery and pleasant scenery. Turn around, take pictures, and see the scenery. It is refreshing and comfortable. It is a good choice to feel the happiness brought by nature.
65 Reviews
M39***39Although it took more than two hours to drive from the city of Changde by car, there are many mountain roads, many bends and narrow roads, and there are few nearby restaurants. The price is not cheap and the taste is average, and the supporting facilities cannot keep up. But after two hours of boat trip, I feel very comfortable and feel very comfortable to return to nature. The water quality here is very good, maybe because there is no key development, it is worth a visit.
66 Reviews
Indoor Skiing
M25***13It’s pretty good, it’s a bit far, it’s good, it’s a bit far, it’s good, it’s a bit far, it’s good, it’s a bit far, it’s good, it’s a bit far, it’s good, it’s a bit far, it’s good Yes, it’s a bit pretty good, just a little far away, pretty good, just a bit far away,
9 Reviews
Flower Fields
佛山的果粒橙Wuyunjie Ecological Park was built by Hunan Wuyunjie Ecotourism Development Co., Ltd. It is located in the Wuyunjie National Nature Reserve known as the "Animal Gene Bank". It is a collection of characteristic sightseeing, cultural experience, outdoor sports, ecological leisure, Waterfront holiday and other functions in one tourist destination. Here, there are endless peaks, ravines, dense forests, pleasant climate, rich forest landscapes, natural landscapes and cultural landscapes. With the gradual improvement of infrastructure, the Wuyunjie Ecological Park has become a jewel of the "paradise on earth".
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forestwolfTaoyuan Mountain is the holy land of Taoism and the center of culture. From the Western Jin Dynasty to the late Ming Dynasty, Taoyuan Mountain is the main place of interest and has a reputation for generations. Chinese name Taoyuan Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Zhuzhou Scenic Area, Hunan Province. Established time 1506 Low season tickets 20 Peak season tickets 30 Opening hours 7:00 Closing time 19:00 Featured landscapes Asking the pavilion covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers Opening hours Open all day ticket prices 20 yuan

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Yiwang CreekChangde,China

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Taohua Xueyuan Indoor Ski ResortChangde,China

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Taohuayuan (“Peach Blossom Land”)Changde,China

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Yellow Stone ReservoirChangde,China

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Taoyuan Travel Tips

About Taoyuan

Taoyuan is in northwest Hunan Province, on the lower reaches of the Yuan River, and is under the administration of Changde City. Its Taohuayuan (桃花源 “Peach Blossom Land”) was made famous by the Eastern Jin poet Tao Yuanming in his work The Peach Blossom Spring, and it is now a famous scenic area. In addition to Taohuayuan, Taoyuan is also home to the cultural sites of the “Three Towers and Three Pagodas,” the mountaintop Xingzi Palace, the stone caves carved out by General Ma Yuan as a summer retreat, and natural attractions like the Wuyun (乌云 “Dark Cloud”) World Nature Reserve (乌云界国家级自然保护区).

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22 Oct, 2021 Taoyuan Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 100%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:39/17:58
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