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Things To Do in Yangjiang

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睡恣@M丶Zhapo Dajiao Bay Scenic Area is located in the South Asian Tropical Region. The annual sunshine time is long. The annual average temperature 22.8℃, the water temperature 23.5℃, the rainfall is 1816 millimeters, the number of sunny days is 310 days. The climate is pleasant in the four seasons. The sun is shining brightly. The sand is evenly soft. The seawater is clear and pure. The air is fresh and pure.
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kha***nthailing island is veey beautiful surrounded by sea and mountains on one side , The sea views are spectacular and at par with Hainan sanya . the sea food is fresh ans good , although a bit expensive in the season time , there are lots of hotels in all budgets . Stay close to Zhapo Scenic area as its the most lively with attractions , bay views , hotels and restaurants .
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任逍遥The exhibition hall is not much, because it is a private trade ship, nothing special value, mainly Longquan, Dehuayu produce daily pottery, and a small amount of gold and silver jade. The most attractive is the Crystal Palace protected by the Nanhai No. 1 principal. Unfortunately, from the third floor, basically can't see anything, except a bunch of shelves. Looked out from the pavilion is quite spectacular, invincible sea view! It is a good science and education base.
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Tiyou have to pay to get in and pay for chairs and such but the beach has plenty of activities to do and the people there were very friendly to foreigners. I enjoyed my time here and the beach was not crowded or dirty
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任逍遥Unfortunately, it's raining fast, I don't dare to go too far inside. A lot of crabs are very fun. However, I also saw uncivilized tourists, who clearly wrote not to climb, or a child who over the rope went to the mud and caught crabs? Instead of preventing it, parents let him go everywhere, speechless.
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M29***69The Xinglun Hotel Apartment booked on Trip.com, the front desk beauty is warm, the store manager is dedicated, for the taste of home, the room is luxurious and clean, and the living is comfortable. The surrounding seafood is delicious but expensive, most seafood stores will cheat customers, and the small amount of it is obvious, and it is lost in the face of Yangjiang! There is a Hunan Changde Rice Noodle Store is very good, the price is moderate, it is worth pushing! The beach is very beautiful, the swimming fee is worse than Huizhou Twin Moon Bay, but swimming is more exciting than Huizhou, a wave push a wave, the water is also relatively clean, the water park is beautiful, but few people play, the boss should lose money. The scenery of Yangjiang is very good and worth visiting!