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Things To Do in Yunfu

614 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M26***01Listen to the restaurant owner said that this is a real hot spring, the front desk lady is super good, agrees with the boss to give her a salary, the service is very good, the overall praise inside, the fish pond fish is too big, free feet is too comfortable, the pool is loose, and more, worth the cost-effectiveness,
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Hot Springs Resort
木子Probably the highest-end hot spring in Yunfu, clean, beautiful, and ok service, but the temperature control should be strengthened, the summer bubble over 40 degrees pool water really need to be courageous, but some pools only 37 degrees and feel soaked lonely. The lounge area eats half-self-help, do not let you waste, but trouble people to match some, and do not have a person to be more than a post, or customers to take food when a person is not, so it is not a control of the food.
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M41***16Here is a good environment, suitable for parent-child travel, not many people, the air is good, eating is not expensive, very good, buy a ticket to buy a set ticket or count, some items can be used in game coins.
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ghhfhyhOpen from 9:30-18:00. Ticket collection time: 9:30-17:00. Hot spring area: each adult ticket can only bring one child under 1.2 meters for free admission, children between 1.2 and 1.5 meters can book a child ticket, and an adult ticket above 1.5 meters. Water World: Each adult ticket can only bring one child under 1.2 meters for free admission. Tickets for the scenic spot preferential policies, you need to go to the scenic spot to buy by yourself, see the scenic spot announcement for details
212 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M30***15Hot spring environment is good! The quality of the spring water is positive! The service is warm and caring! I started to soak in hot springs in 1998, not many hot springs every year, every mention of hot springs first choice Yunfu Jinshuitai!
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816开心The cave stalactus in a thousand appearances, stone pillars like forests. Everywhere there are scenes, scenery is strange. Human like things have "shen turtle pilgrimage", "dragon mother bath", "Tianshu god pen", "Yubi xiongguan" and other 58 scenes, really is wonderful, lifelike, attractive. And the most peculiar is the cave wall of the zircon flowers, crystal clear white, transparent, such as silver star twinkling bright.