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Top 9 Hot Spring Resorts in Fusong - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Changbai Mountain Tianmu Hot Spring

    241 Reviews
    32.7km from downtown
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    "The quality of the hot springs is good. I chose a few characteristics of soaking, ginseng, Angelica, Rhodiola, sulfur, and baking soda. There are two kinds of experiences inside and outside. The first floor is indoor, and the third floor is outdoor. The outdoor can see the snow scene is very beautiful. There is a children's pool in the room. Children over three years old are also happy to play, the only thing is to suggest that the place to take a bath provides facial cleanser."
    Highlights: Changbai Mountain Tianmu Hot Spring is in the forest near Manjiang Town. The surrounding natural scenery is rich and varied. The hot spring water here comes from Jinjiang Ziyong Spring on Changbai Mountain. It showcases Japanese-style bathing culture and the cave hot springs. Enjoy the comfort and pleasure of the hot springs, which make you forget problems as you relax in pleasant scenery.
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  • No.2

    Hanna Mountain Hot Springs Resort

    399 Reviews
    13.8km from downtown
    Hot Spring Resorts
    "It's beautiful! ! And a lot of smog 😂 I knew I wouldn't go to the magic world! ! The magic world is cold and expensive! ! It’s very warm here and the smog won’t turn out to be sun-dried hahaha. Every pool is not far away. The water temperature is warm enough so it won’t be too cold. But if the towel is wet, it will freeze as soon as it is put. It is recommended that some towels can be put outdoors for replacement."
    Highlights: Among Changbai Mountain's many hot springs, Hanna Mountain Hot Springs Resort is an intimate resort suitable for leisurely and relaxing vacations. It is an exceptional place to go in the winter, as soaking in an outdoor hot spring while watching snowflakes flutter against the rays of sun is a magical experience. The low outdoor temperatures, the warm waters of the hot spring pool, the surrounding snow-covered landscape and the incredible fresh air all combine to provide visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience.
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  • No.3


    11 Reviews
    28.7km from downtown
    Hot Spring Resorts
    Anonymous User
    "Superb buffet dinner! It is indeed a Mediterranean stop full of all-inclusive, full of colors and flavors, and different types of drinks. If the buffet can be sold alone, it would be great. The hot springs are also great, many choices, with sauna."
  • No.4

    Jilin Sengong Fairy Bridge Hot Spring

    85 Reviews
    21.6km from downtown
    Hot Spring Resorts
    "The full name is probably Fusong County Xianrenqiao geothermal hot spring group, belonging to the natural hot spring, Fusong County in Baishan City, Changbai Mountain northwest, Changbai Mountain Tianchi is also within the jurisdiction. The location of the west slope of Changbai Mountain tourism line, look at the crater of Tianchi, you know that Changbai Mountain is an dead volcano. The residual geothermal heat must have hot springs. There are many springs in Fusong. It is said that there are 62 ℃ water gushing from granite cracks. It is an excellent natural hot spring."
    Highlights: Xianrenqiao Hot Spring is a hot spring on Changbai Mountain. It is a great place to take a break and a good meeting point for tours around Changbai Mountain. There are many spring vents here — gallons of spring water at a temperature of 62°C gush from granite fractures. Surrounded by mountains, the hot spring offers picturesque scenery and a basin micro-climate only seen in the forest of Changbai Mountain, making it an ideal place for tours and vacations throughout the year.
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  • No.5

    Changbai Mountain Pangu Hot Spring

    21 Reviews
    1.8km from downtown
    Hot Spring Resorts
    "Pangu Hot Spring has hotel, bathing, chess and card, steaming, dining and other facilities. The scale is super large and it is definitely a big deal. It is the most cost-effective to buy accommodation packages (bathing, hot springs, free three meals)."
  • No.6

    Changbai Mountain Legomei Resort Hotel Hot Spring

    32 Reviews
    9.9km from downtown
    Hot Spring Resorts
    "This time, I led my family to the hotel hot springs with the tail of the eleventh. The hotel environment is very good, the service staff is very good, the hotel lobby is very special, you can order food, not expensive, and the breakfast is detailed. The hot springs I went to in the afternoon, there were about 6 types of hot springs, and they were generally reserved as children playing in the water and naughty castles, which was very good. The second floor of the hot spring is a place where jade is steamed. The hotel room is very spacious and parking is convenient. Very happy trip!"
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    9.7km from downtown
    Hot Spring Resorts
  • No.8

    Changbai Mountain Qingfeng Lishe Hot Spring

    17 Reviews
    9.4km from downtown
    Hot Spring Resorts
    "At night, especially in winter, it is really beautiful to watch from the outside, and there is also a rare feeling of quiet beauty. The number of pools is quite a lot, and some seem to take into account the needs of children. This may be different from Japanese practices, so sometimes there is less quiet beauty inside."
  • No.9

    Changbai Mountain Guanlan Holiday Hotel Hot Spring

    5 Reviews
    105m from downtown
    Hot Spring Resorts
    "One word is expensive, staying in this hotel is to soak in hot springs, but to be honest, it is better to go to other places, the old three team or other places are better, maybe personal preferences are different, the environment is very good here"