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Things To Do in Danzhou

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M37***43Hainan west has such a beautiful place, blame oneself did not find early, this is still in the circle of friends know, come to the first feeling of Shihua water cave, the air is fresh, natural oxygen bar general, tickets are worth it, it is said that there is barium meal can be customized. I just know that the time is late, it's too late, otherwise I really have to taste the taste, the staff is super good, the guide who led the team is really funny and has questions and answers, the trip is very happy, the main karst cave has small boats to sit, leisurely, very comfortable
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Historical Architecture
YU太太A must-see for fans of Mr. Su Dongpo. I don't think this is a place to visit, it is a good place to learn and understand the history of Mr. Su. The road from the drive is not very easy to walk, it is quite a wasteland. If you are not interested in history, people are not recommended to come.
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清水町石勒The plants in the botanical garden are amazing. This is a good place for popular science plants, you can bring children. I originally thought that it might be very hot inside, but the result is so cool that the sun is shaded. Impressive place, worth coming. Overall great,
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139***13Cangzhou 1000 years old salt field many times to the 1000 years old salt field, again with friends to visit. The ancient salt fields of the Song Dynasty originated from the North Song Dynasty, and in the wide view, black volcanic stones were everywhere. How did the ancestors bring them here? The end was smoothed like a stone trough, and the brine was placed in it and dried to salt. This is the oldest salt field created by our ancestors. It is also an ancient salt field that remains in use today. In and out of the salt field, salt chickens have a road wall, and the fluttering chicken fragrance is attractive to covet, 40-50 one is different. Friends do not listen to dissuasion, must taste the taste of oyster water, winter is not the production season, the stone basin in the non-orange water, just sea or rain water, to the hot sun, will the sea water in the pool evaporation into oyster water, put in it to dry into salt.
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木易真人Located in the western suburbs of Danzhou City, Hainan Province, Rezuo Botanical Garden is a herbarium of China Tropical Agriculture University and Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. It covers an area of 32 hectares and was established in 1958. Another name of Rezuo Botanical Garden is Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden. Some scientific research sites inside are not allowed to enter. The species in the botanical garden are indicated by signs, which is a good place to learn.
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139***13Longmen Cream is a volcanic beach located in Longmen Mountain, Longmen Town, Zhangzhou City, Hainan Province, Longmen Mountain is a seashore rock mountain, 39 meters above sea level, the mountain on the strange rocks, from the north south, rolling, like the Great Wall, very spectacular. East of the mountain there is a gate, happy 30 meters, 20 meters wide, hollow ventilation, rocks in arch, known as "South day first gate." The north wind blows, rolls up the huge waves, impact on the stone door, the waves hit rocks, like drums, sounded more than 10 miles, so the name "Longmen Surge." Here is a 4 km coast, clean sand, rocks, unique scenery, standing on the rocks, the Tao, relaxed, Longmen surf in the Ming Dynasty, by the visitors. Before Qingba tribute Chen has seven strong titles: "Longmen rocks, long-term tide to roll white waves. Passage difficult and thrilling, my hometown still has many adventures" in the poems, intriguing.