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Things To Do in Huaying

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我从凤楼书院来Summer, where cool where to stay! Huaying Mountain, ideal choice. Lush high-mountain forest, strange and strange stone forest, cool natural caves, and once guerrillas fought in the red base, think of the story of the old woman with two guns very refreshing...
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草堂镇Pure natural scenery. No artificial traces, which are suitable for children to play with water. The elderly may be more strenuous in walking. When you are in summer, you must go early, it is quite hot at noon.
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滇国剑客Huaying Mountain is also a bit famous mountain, landscape in the mountain-building movement has made this place's characteristics, so that people who like to travel, a more play, completely relaxed place.
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Historical Site
蓝莲儿Cuban fortress, Millennium mirage, with a rich cultural heritage; the construction of exquisite craftsmanship, built from stone, the only remaining cultural heritage of the Ba people in the country, can also see the Guang'an City panoramic view, the environment, the air are very good, reasonable tickets, worth a visit. [View] [interest] [price/performance ratio]
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吉林5201314Very beautiful, not in vain, it was blooming when I went. A lot of flowers, very beautiful. I saw so many flowers for the first time when I grew up. And there are all kinds of roses. It can really make people feel good.
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