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D i s a p p e a r .Not to a Zhao Jiangyin do not know Hailan home is so rich! You think Hailan home is close to collapse? You're very wrong. The domestic water Venice, which Hailan Group spent 10 billion to build (some say 20 billion, regardless of it), covers an area of 1,000 mu, and is carefully built by Hailan Group for 10 years, including equestrian training, equestrian performance, equestrian events, Horse cultural exhibition and leisure vacation as a whole of the horse cultural tourism complex.
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Alan DangFeel the *** rural area, the overall feeling is good, but it is recommended not to buy tickets at Trip.com, go directly to the local to buy, not cheap, there is also a free battery car. Longxi's sightseeing is really not worth it. The top floor is completely underutilized and has no special features. In addition to individual floors, more is far-fetched piece together. It is better to go shopping in the happiness park and the ecological park and see the happiness of the ordinary people in the villa group.
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City Park
_We***70After running more than 30 kilometers, the result, during the maintenance, the above said October 20 can be opened, want to go to friends to see the date, do not run as far as I.
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苏勿白Convenient transportation, the hotel is very standardized, the front desk staff smiles very sweet, the floor sister is also very good, see the guests will take the initiative to say hello. The price is very beautiful, love.
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City Park
_We***80This is a lovely park to visit and have a picnic or a walk. It is beautiful and peaceful and you can walk up the mountain on the other side if you want.
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Featured Neighborhood
一雨一彩虹The style of Changjing is very distinctive. Changjing Stone Street is a landmark of Changjing Old Street. The two-story buildings or bungalows built along the river are very distinctive. On both sides of the old street, many residential buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties are hidden. Inside the high wall. The former residence of Shangguan Yunzhu and Wangjiashi Archway have a very long history. The ethnic customs are simple and the beautiful scenery is worth visiting here.

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Zhongshan Park (West Gate)Wuxi,China

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Jiangyin Yangtze River BridgeWuxi,China

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Jiangyin MuseumWuxi,China

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Jiangyin BridgeWuxi,China

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Huaxi VillageWuxi,China

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Jiangyin Travel Tips

About Jiangyin

Jiangyin (江阴), meaning “River Shade,” is a riverside, port, and garden city. It got its name from its location on the “yin,” or “shady,” side of the Yangtze River. Yin means north of a hill and south of a body of water. In particular, it's a way of referring to the southern bank of the Yangtze. Jiangyin culture is considered part of Wuyue culture. Notable attractions here include Swan Beak Park, Huangshanhu (黄山湖) Park, Huaxi (华西) Village, the Former Residence of Xu Xiake (徐霞客), Yushan (敔山) Bay, and Changjing (长泾) Old Town. All of these places are visited by endless streams of tourists from China and abroad.

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Jiangyin Weather

19 Oct, 2021
13 ~ 17
20 Oct, 2021
Moderate Rain
10 / 14
21 Oct, 2021
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22 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Jiangyin
19 Oct, 2021 Jiangyin Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 60%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:05/17:23
Jiangyin Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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