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Things To Do in Wuping

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宁静致远一一Liangye Mountain, commonly known as Liangshan Peak, has been the symbol of Wuping since ancient times, known as "Liangye Xianshan", in the "Wuping eight great scenery" crown, located in the northeastern part of Wuping County, Yongping, Middle Castle, Wudong, Chengxiang four townships, the southernmost end of Wuyi Mountains and the northernmost end of Guangdong Nanling Mountains Huidian. Altitude 1538.4 meters, the highest peak of Wuping. Liangye Mountain is a beautiful mountain with a beautiful landscape, many scenic spots, including canyons, dangerous peaks, cliffs, deep pools, streams, strange stones, dense forests and other most viewing, there are more than 30 large and small waterfalls, different postures, scenery is extremely dangerous, extending nearly ten miles, the canyon on both sides of the sometimes dense forest to hide the sun, Sometimes the cliffs are in stunning shape. The highest ancient mother stone, on the top of the mountain, seems to be crumbling and has not fallen for thousands of years, its danger is all the people who are shocked. The spring and groundwater of Liangye Mountain are distributed from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. It is an important source conservancy of the Xiangfan junction and one of the important sources of Tingjiang and Meijiang, and it feeds 70 [%] of the whole county population.
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Nature Reserve
M25***00Suddenly oxygen, there is a flow down 3,000 feet, suspected that the milky way is nine days down, walking feels very good, the fairy lake is clear, the sparkling scenery is beautiful, like a paradise
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Geological Sites
社会颜色Lion Rock is named after the lion. Rock has a cave, can accommodate dozens of people, the tunnel chushi road vertical, stone column pen, stalactus draped, spring dew drip open. Song dry 2 years (AD 964) Quanzhou monk Zheng Ziyan (No. Zhuoxi) set up a Dojo here, Song Zhenzong when the seal was Junqing in. The Southern Song Dynasty was also known as the Definition Courtyard. There are He Xiangu Palace, Grand Palace, Junqing Temple and other attractions.
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M60***50I speak for my hometown. At present, my hometown is undeveloped and faces Wuzhi Mountain in Meizhou Pingyuan. It has beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and clear water, and clear air. There is a big mansion of Wuju people in the village. The exit of the highway under construction is convenient at the entrance of the village, and there is a chance to come to my house.
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滇国剑客The scenery in the Taiping Mountains highlights a seclusion, so that's why it is called Taiping, and only so many people who have been "snail-living" in the busy city for so long choose here to escape the summer heat.
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汕头蓝色星空Arrived at the scenic spot at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. The most exciting milling road and Qingyun Road on the cable car, the earliest glass road, I was not afraid of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and Tianmen last year. I was so short that I had a heartbeat. It was a feeling of accelerating. At 4 o'clock, I could only take a free sightseeing bus to go down to Guihua Valley. Taking a photo, because I can't go up the mountain after work at 5 o'clock, but I can find a staff member nearby to make up for the next day. I live in the county town, so I don't have any regrets.

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Liangye MountainLongyan,China

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21 Oct, 2021 Wuping Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 81%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:17/17:44
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