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Things To Do in Yingde

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_We***64It was an amazing place. I liked and enjoyed it. We had fun with my friends just the main problem is no transportation, you can get there only by taxi.
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Geological Sites
翼儿爱自由The cave-Tianxianjing of Yingde City, Guangdong Province is a karst landform with great value for viewing, which not only has the features of dark rivers and steep ditches, but also integrates mountains, water, caves, pools, waterfalls, natural bridges, tiankeng and oasis. There are caves in the mountains, there is water, the caves are absolutely beautiful, the empty mountains smell water, the waterfalls of the Bitan. There is a stalactite, the form of blessing like Guanyin, like life on the cliff, like for visitors to visit the blessing security, let people have to admire the nature of the magic axe. The cave hall is vast, there is a land (Wanlv Fukushima), with lush shade plants, dense, leaf mother-in-law, in the pristine state, such a small forest in the cave is a rare wonder. Walking from the path, boat out, is the best route.
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冯川老古The scenery is good, karst topography, a bit like Guilin landscape, there is a small Guilin called, the scenic area is wide, the reflection of the peaks, is a must. The hot air balloon project in the scenic spot adds a scenery to the scenic spot, it can take good pictures, the small train project is the children's favorite, but the paragliding project, the noise is a bit big. Good value for money, and the ticket price is more pro-people.
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雯雯小可爱呀Holiday, holiday, 💃 See 🍠 The hotel that was very popular 🏨🏄‍♀️ I took my daughter to punch in! ! ! 🍧Eat: Breakfast and dinner are all hotel buffet 🍱Convenient and convenient not to say the taste ☕️ is also OK ~.🛌Live: The environment 🖼Really good ins is very good, every family is Southeast Asia style vacation villa 🏡We are living on the second floor 🏠Parent and Child Cartoon Room 🧸Pig Man's bedding is really Knock cute! .🌊 play: downstairs is the pool 🏊‍♀️ (also provide free swimming ring ~) as soon as you go out, you can go into the water to puff ridge 🔫 really fried chicken is comfortable! Summer fall is suitable for playing water. There are flamingos in the pool 🦩 banana boats. Minutes can be produced and must be taken! ! ! .ps: It is recommended to bring a camera 📷 knock out the chicken with the baby to live in the cartoon room stir-fried surprise 💗! end remember to prepare the waterproof bag in advance 🛍
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Geological Sites
gz当地向导伊妹儿Yingxi Fenglin Corridor has pleasant scenery, beautiful scenery, clear mountains and water, good fun, high cost performance, good choice, ideal place for leisure and holiday, comfortable temperature, great.
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红艳_29Xianqiao Underground River is a small attraction. Because it is temporarily decided to go, we did not buy tickets online. The adult bought in the scenic spot was 72 yuan, the child ticket was 50 yuan. I feel that the ticket is a bit expensive. Entering the karst cave is a boat tour, the boat back and forth for about an hour, the favorite is the first hole when coming out, passing through the Ming River section, the bamboo on both sides is very primitive, overall it is still worth to go to the place.