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Fun Boat Tours in Honolulu

Pearl Harbor
651 Reviews
12.8km from downtown
"Sobre memorial for those who died during the Pearl Harbor attack. A good place for reflection and the memorial is right above the wreck."

Reasons to Recommend: A large seaport in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor is flanked by mountains on three sides and faces the sea towards another. The harbor is famous around the world due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a well-knowned surprise attack launched by the Japanese Navy on the US Pacific Fleet during the Second World War. Now the US government has designated the place as a base for education in patriotism. You may visit the Hall of Historical Exhibition, Memorial of Fleet, and Memorial of Aviation. WWII armaments align the embankments, where many valuable objects from the war are also on display.

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Waikiki Beach
700 Reviews
4.5km from downtown
"Waikiki Avenue is one of the most popular places for tourists. It is very convenient to go shopping in a big hotel or flagship luxury store after a water event, or to eat a big international meal. It is still brilliant at night."

Reasons to Recommend: Waikiki Beach is a popular and famous destination in Honolulu, Hawaii. Locals are extremely friendly and pleasant. The highlight of this is a stretch that runs between the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel. There are fine white sandy beaches, lush coconut trees and wonderful shopping lining the main street beside the ocean. The sea is calm and safe to swim in. You can dive, surf, kayak, sunbathe on the beach, or take a sunset stroll along the beach. The beach is most magnificent at sunset. The beach is particularly busy at night. Restaurants and bars are full of people drinking cocktails and enjoying Hawaii's special local hula and fire dance performances.

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Polynesian Cultural Center
124 Reviews
37.5km from downtown
"Taking a class in Hawaii is a very classic tourist punch point. It is recommended to choose a day trip. On, you can choose whether you have a driver's round trip or a very convenient trip. There will be a great show there at night to get a better understanding of the local culture. The whole show is still very shocking. Also the dinner inside is very delicious. Especially the fruit inside is especially delicious."
Atlantis Submarines
70 Reviews
3.6km from downtown
Boat Tour
小皇帝 wxq
"Very good, I am going to be 64-seat submarine. It is much bigger than 48. When booking, I will also book a daily shift in Japanese. Because the Japanese interpreter can also speak Chinese, but the only fly in the ointment is that the ticketing place shown by the text message sent at the time of booking is wrong. Directly go to the pier. I asked a lot of people and wasted some time."

Reasons to Recommend: The waters that are directly off Waikiki are infamous for being crowded and unfriendly to many of Hawaii's most vibrant tropical fish. However, if you get past the surfers and tourists you can start to see some really interesting sea life. There is perhaps no better way to enjoy this than by getting down in the water aboard an Atlantis Submarine. They offer a number of excursions, which provide some really great views into Waikiki's warm tropical waters. They also have sunset tours, dinner tours, and premium tours, all of which see to the needs of your individual party. For an in depth view of Waikiki, head on over to the Hilton Hawaiian Village and enjoy one of these unique tours.

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Ali'i Kai Dinner Cruise - Hawaii
18 Reviews
784m from downtown
Boat Tour
"I guess I didn't go to the Banquet Cruise, but I accidentally photographed the boats at the Banquet when Sarton was waiting for sunset. After sunset, the lights were a little bit like the stars in the sky, which was very beautiful. Didn’t participate, I don’t know the price/performance ratio, I think it should be very interesting^_^"