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Top 10 Great Urban Parks in Zhanjiang - 2023

Updated Oct 2023
  • No.1

    Inch Golden Park

    161 Reviews
    338m from downtown
    "Cunjinqiao Park is located on the west side of Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, named after the proximity to Cunjin Bridge, is the largest subtropical garden-style park in Zhanjiang City, known as one of the eight views of Zhanjiang. The inch gold zoo, after upgrading, now has sea lion performance venues, aquariums, jellyfish pavilions, teasing gardens, monkey mountains, swan pools, koi pools and other venue facilities. New animal varieties, northeastern tiger, African lion, giraffe, penguins, hippos, grasshoppers, crocodiles, birds, monkeys, everything."
    Highlights: Cunjin Zoo is located in Cunjin Park, which houses various animals, as well as an aquarium, a funny garden and a sea lion show acrobatics.
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  • No.2

    Seaside Park

    198 Reviews
    9.9km from downtown
    "Zhanjiang Seaside Park is located on the northeast corner of Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province. It has fine white sand beaches, blue seawater, upright coconut trees, grasses, bright flowers. It is rich in subtropical sea scenery and is known as Zhanjiang's "urban living room"."
    Highlights: The Seaside Park is found on the northeastern corner of Xiashan District. There are soft white beaches, blue waters, tall coconut trees and subtropical ocean scenery. It is known as the "city living room" of Zhanjiang. The gate of the Seaside Park is European-style architectural features. It has a curved colonnade with dozens of columns and Han White Jade relief on it. The relief demonstrates the centuries-old history of Zhanjiang.
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  • No.3

    Nanguo Torrid Zone Garden

    78 Reviews
    3.8km from downtown
    "Nanguo Tropical Garden is located at No. 19, Tiyu South Road, Nanqiao Street, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City. It is a green area with a large area of tropical plants. It has a large area of tropical plants in the center. It is a tropical botanical garden with a good environment. The air is good too."
    Highlights: Nanguo Tropical Garden is located in the central area of Zhanjiang City, covering an area of 64 hectares. It integrates ecological protection, popular science education and viewing and entertainment. It effectively enhances the cultural taste of the future urban central area and builds an open garden space where people and nature live in harmony. It shows the unique garden cultural charm of colorful Zhanjiang.
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  • No.4

    China and Australia's Friendship Garden

    101 Reviews
    6km from downtown
    "The China-Australia Friendship Garden is integrated with the Bay Bridge and Qiaodong Park, and has become the central landscape of Zhanjiang City, which will greatly improve the taste of Zhanjiang City. Reflecting the characteristics of Chinese and Australian garden culture, it has become a symbol of friendly exchanges between the people of the two cities, and a window for Chinese tourists to understand Australian landscape and folk culture."
    Highlights: The Sino-Australian Friendship Garden is located in the area under the approach bridge on the west side of the Zhanjiang Bay Bridge in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province. It starts from Xiahainan Village in the north, Pinglexia Village in the south, Haibin Avenue in the west, and the west coastline of the Gulf in the east. It covers an area of 346,000 square meters. The water surface area is 42,400 square meters, the green space rate is 72.6%, and there are more than 400 kinds of Australian plants in more than 20 kinds, which are connected with the Bay Bridge and complement each other.
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  • No.5

    Fishing Harbor Park

    55 Reviews
    8.8km from downtown
    "Fishing Port Park is located on Ocean Road, Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City, is the northern starting point of Xiashan Sea View Corridor. The park is not small. There are free beaches and related rest and shower facilities on the beach, and there are some sculptures."
    Highlights: Yugang Park is one of the eight scenic spots in Zhanjiang. It is a better place to watch the sunrise. The northern starting point of the sea-viewing promenade, the beach is relatively clean, and it is also equipped with beach chairs. After the renovation, the environment has become very good, and sand sculpture activities have also been held. It is a small beach where you can go into the water, and many citizens go to play in the water in the evening.
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  • No.6

    Beiqiao Park

    71 Reviews
    1.5km from downtown
    "The completion of Beiqiao Park has added another good place for citizens to relax. On the day of opening, the citizens who came to visit were endless, and they carried out a variety of activities such as song singing, twisting hymns, fitness exercises, etc., full of festive, peaceful and warm festive atmosphere."
  • No.7

    Xiahu Park

    87 Reviews
    10.4km from downtown
    "Xiahu Park is located in the southeast of the intersection of People's Avenue South and Jiefang East Road in Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City. It is a city green leisure park formed on the basis of the long-strip Xiahu Lake. It covers an area of not small, mainly for the public service around winter."
    Highlights: The park has three-hole curved bridges, pavilions, creeks, phoenix gardens, grasslands, woods, sand pools, and fitness facilities. tree etc. Animals include bees, dragonflies, butterflies, swallows, sparrows, etc.
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  • No.8

    Zhanjiang Forest Park

    17 Reviews
    11.5km from downtown
    "Zhanjiang Forest Park has a total area of more than 22,685 mu (1511 hectares), with a green coverage rate of 98%. It is the largest green protection barrier in Zhanjiang City. It is known as Zhanjiang "city lung" and successfully created a provincial science education base, national "AAA" tourist attractions and national forest parks. Guangdong Forest Ecotourism Demonstration Base; Guangdong's most popular self-driving tour destination (attractions), was awarded the title of "Excellent tourist attractions"."
    Highlights: Zhanjiang Forest Park, also known as Sanlingshan National Forest Park, is located 3 kilometers away from the urban area of Zhanjiang, with a total area of 738.79 hectares. The park is located in the northern tropical marine monsoon area with plenty of sunshine. The annual sunshine hours are 1900 hours, and the annual average evaporation is 1803.6 mm. The vegetation type is northern tropical evergreen broad-leaved and deciduous forest, and the green coverage rate is as high as 98%. Forest Park is the green protection barrier of Zhanjiang, known as the "city lung" of Zhanjiang.
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  • No.9

    Zhanjiang Seaside Amusement Park

    47 Reviews
    10.1km from downtown
    "The seaside park playground is very lively as soon as the holiday is here. There are still quite a lot of mobile games here. There are even some very exciting big swings in the large playground. The consumption here is still OK. It is charged according to a single project. Or buy a package, the price is more suitable for the public, the transportation is also convenient, in this park, adults and children can find a place to rest."
  • No.10

    Nanyaredai Botanical Garden

    21 Reviews
    14.7km from downtown
    "Tickets 10 yuan, there is a large lotus pond in the courtyard, the garden also grows a variety of beautiful tulips, lavender, etc., the garden also has a barbecue area, restaurant, botanical garden also grows a large area of vegetable and fruit trees, such as milk dates, dragon fruit, strawberries, etc...."
    Highlights: The South Asian Tropical Botanical Garden has charming scenery, fresh air, and fragrant flowers and fruits throughout the four seasons. Collected and cultivated more than 1,000 varieties of tropical plants, including miracle fruit that can make people eat sour and sweet, egg fruit with the aroma of mincemeat, macadamia nuts, the "king of dried fruits in the world", mangosteen "Queen of Tropical Fruits", and other flavors Unique tropical fruit treasures such as Maoye jujube, custard apple, and pearl lotus mist. In addition, there are world-renowned trees such as red sandalwood, eucalyptus, and Indonesian cinnamon in the garden, and more than 80 kinds of precious palm plants such as pepper, coffee, sandalwood, ylang ylang and other spice beverage plants are planted, such as fenugreek palm and sugar palm. And 400 varieties of desert plants and tropical flowers of various shapes. While visiting the botanical garden, you can also pick fresh fruits in the orchard, taste coffee, juice and various botanical teas, buy special products of the botanical garden, tease fish, fish, barbecue, and have a picnic. The South Subtropical Botanical Garden is an important comprehensive scientific research base for South subtropical crops in my country. It has been engaged in the introduction, development and utilization of tropical plants for a long time. It is one of the eight scenic spots in Zhanjiang.
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  • No.11

    Zhanjiang Forest Park Happy World

    3 Reviews
    10.9km from downtown
    "Enter the east gate of the forest park, and turn right along the road. It's just an outdoor playground, so many families with children will run directly here. There are still many facilities and projects, the type is not the latest, but fortunately the price is cheap, the single item is only a few dollars, you can let the children play. There is a canteen at the entrance of the park, where there are drinks and snacks."