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Things To Do in Yunan

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可爱的丽丽仙女呀After reorganization, many people went to a lot. Now the scenery is beautiful and suitable for fun and picnics~ It’s just that there are no friends here. It’s best to have a chance to meet two or three friends.
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Geological Sites
M39***05Catalog 4 Guangdong Fengkai National Geopark Fengkai National Geopark generally refers to this term. Guangdong Fengkai National Geopark is located in Fengkai County, Zhaoqing City, northwestern Guangdong Province, on the upper reaches of the Xijiang River, adjacent to Wuzhou City, Guangxi. At the Tropic of Cancer belt. In August 2005, the Ministry of Land and Resources approved as the fourth batch of national geoparks. The huge dome-shaped landform landscape composed of Yanshanian granite, the Paleozoic carbonate karst landscape, and the Zhangjiajie sandstone columnar peak forest landscape formed by the Devonian quartz sandstone in the park have condensed the 500 million years of vicissitudes in western Guangdong. , Records the evolutionary history of ancient humans in Lingnan.
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Historical Architecture
CD云上I have not visited this snack street for a long time, I feel like I have returned to my childhood! Like back to middle school, with a few pocket money can buy a lot of snacks! Recommended reasons: there are many kinds, enough to give, taste authentic, authentic! Fair price! virginity is not bullying! Can buy a little bit of each stall, to really go shopping and eat, become a happy little train!
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张以I finally found the picture of Koer's House, a small village in Yunan Liantan, the old house, the long alley covered with moss...
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钱旋勒Panlongxia Eco-tourism Zone is located in the northwest of Deqing County, Guangdong Province, about 28 kilometers away from the county seat. The entire eco-tourism zone covers an area of 30,000 mu. This is a primitive natural eco-tourism area with lush ancient trees in the scenic area. The second-level national protected plant Alsophila spinulosa is all over it, and it is the shooting base of Guangdong Photographers Association. The content of negative air ions in the Canyon reaches 1.25 billion per cubic meter, making it the largest natural oxygen reservoir in South China. Panlongxia Eco-Tourism Zone, with its unique natural ecological resource endowments such as mountains, water, and forests, has successfully developed warrior rafting, waterfall sightseeing, canyon drinking, the country’s largest waterwheel group, and the country’s most stylish mountain-top wooden house resort Lavender Wood House Kingdom Hotel, Panlong Paradise Resort Hotel, Zipline, Forest Water World and other ecological leisure tourism products.
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Matsu Temple
gz当地向导伊妹儿Wuzhou Dragon Mother Temple, on the banks of the Guishui River, the 38-meter-high Dragon Mother Statue, is particularly eye-catching, interesting, pleasant scenery, fresh air, super cost-effective, good choice, great.

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Dawang Mountain Forest ParkYunfu,China

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Nanjiang #1 BayYunfu,China

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