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The main tourist attractions in Fuzhou are located in Gulou District and Jin’an District, among which the Gulou District is the most visited by tourists. If there is enough time, Yongtai County, Minhou County and Pingtan County around the city all have good natural scenery as well. Gulou District is arguably the most important area in Fuzhou. Fuzhou’s landmarks, Sanfang Qixiang, Wuyi Square, and Yushan Scenic Area are all located in this area, and it is also home to many hotels. Jin’an District is located in the northern suburbs of Fuzhou. It is bordered by Jin’an River and Gulou District in the west, and lies across from the Minjiang River and Cangshan District in the south. Visitors can check out famous scenic spots such as the Gushan Scenic Spot and Fuzhou National Forest Park.

The main attractions around Fuzhou are located in Yongtai County, Minhou County, and Pingtan County. Yongtai County is located in the southwest of Fuzhou and is home to scenic areas such as Qingyun Mountain and Tianmen Mountain. Minhou County is located on the southwest side of Fuzhou. It is also a natural landscape with beautiful scenery such as Qishan National Forest Park and the 18 Zhongxi Scenic Area. Pingtan County is famous for its islands and it is the closest place in mainland China to Taiwan. It consists of 126 islands, the major one being the Haitan Island. Here, visitors can enjoy seafood while watching the waves.

The best seasons for tourism in Fuzhou are the autumn and winter. Fuzhou is close to the East China Sea and has a warm climate. It is often sunny, and the city’s evergreen trees and hot springs create a unique terrain. Spring is the rainiest season in Fuzhou, which causes the temperature to fluctuate greatly. In the summer, it is mainly sunny and some areas see extremely high temperatures during July and August. During these months, typhoons also occur frequently.

The Fuzhou hotel industry is well developed, with good service and modern facilities. The area around Wusi Road and Wuyi Road is a concentrated area of Fuzhou hotels and restaurants. If you want to go shopping in the city center, the area from Wuyi Square to Dongjiekou is a great choice. There are also many hotels with great value for your money around the hot spring park area as well. There are many economic chain hotels in Fuzhou, including Jinjiang Inn, Hanting, Home Inns, and 7Day, which have branches in major scenic spots, downtown areas, and transportation hubs. These chains provide affordable options to budget travelers.

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