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It’s said that Guilin has some of the best natural scenery in the world, and within Guilin, the most beautiful scenery can be found in Yangshuo. Yangshuo County has a mild climate and each season is pleasant. The river passing through the county is the most well-known section of the Li River. Yangshuo is home to the legendary Liu Sanjie of the Zhuang ethnic group as well as the wonders of the Moon Mountain famous at home and abroad. The Yulong River, also known as the "Little Li River," the casual atmosphere of West Street, the beer fish, the fried river snails... there’s nothing that would make a traveler want to leave.

The best time to travel in Yangshuo is from May to October, when the weather is mild and there is less rainfall. It’s a suitable period for sightseeing and various outdoor activities. July and August are the hottest months in Yangshuo. During these months, the average temperature is about 28°C and the daily highs reach over 35°C. During these time, although the temperature is quite high, it’s still a refreshing and pleasant experience to visit the water caves – it’s the best time to explore and bathe in the mud. Yangshuo is still a multi-ethnic place with many unique local ethnic festivals. The lively atmosphere is comparable to any other festival in China. There are various types of hotels in Yangshuo County. Large hotels, small and medium-sized hotels and family (residential) hotels are all available. The large hotels in Yangshuo are well equipped and often have independent restaurants. West Street is generally the first choice for hotels in Shenyang, followed by Qianxian Street, Yangshuo Park, and Pantao Road. There are also some other options in the ancient town of Xingping, which is suitable for tourists who prefer to be in more quiet settings. It’s important to remember that room rates at hotels in Yangshuo double during peak season, so be sure to book in advance.

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