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Best Time to Travel in Singapore

Singapore is one of the prettiest destinations around the globe, An island nation lined with scenic spots and a variegate of picturesque vantage points, a Tropical seasons all around the year, Singapore is a getaway destination. You are bound to experience a relative change in humidity levels. With rather cold weather in comparison to Perth, Singapore is also home to pressure hose rains occasionally. Given the tropical climate, the best time to visit Singapore is usually around the “dry season”-March to August. Instead of having four seasons, the equatorial island nation experiences two seasons- Dry and Wet. The city is relatively dry during the march to august and can be a desirable vacation spot for many with its coolest temperature dipping to 19 degrees Celsius in December. The island nation is packed with exciting places to explore. It is ideal for traveling in the dry season to avoid wet and humid weather. Temperatures reach 32C during the day and dip to a mild 26C at night. Singapore weather reminds you of a pleasant summer tan and Pina Coladas by the beach. The vibe of this exotic destination takes you back to careless summers dipped in an exceeding need for fun and excitement.

Nearby Airport 

Singapore is one of the most popular vacation destinations around the globe. Being one of the most primal Asian destinations in terms of commerce, education, and developmental growth. With a slightly warmer weather setting, Singapore is a perfect escape for extreme winters. The Singapore Changi international airport is another bedazzling attraction within the city of wonders. The airport has a systematic and efficient inter and intra transport facility system. Being one of the busiest international airports and seeing a massive influx of tourists annually, the Singapore Changi Airport is a wee maintained and developed airport. Getting to Singapore from the Singapore Changi Airport takes about 30 minutes. The charges are relatively nominal. There is an abundance of availability of taxis. The 24/7 taxi stands account for easy transportation to and fro from the airport to the city center.

Getting around the place

 Whether it's a business meeting, a quiet getaway, or a family vacation, Singapore bags the first place. With a transportation system flawlessly established such as Singapore’s, tourists and inhabitants are quick to hop on from one place to reach another in no time. The local transportation services are quick and hassle-free to use. With 24/7 taxi stands at the airport, visitors have no issues in reaching the city center or their respective safe havens. With fully licensed and running by the meter, the authenticity of local transport is to admire. Mass rapid transit and airport shuttles are other forms of transports to get to your hotels from the AirPort.Public buses and trains are hygienic and safe to travel in as well.

How to get to Singapore

The island nation is an equatorial destination. Singapore is nestled around major southeast Asian countries and island nations such as Indonesia, Papua new guinea, Thailand, Philippines, etc. The proximal distance between Australia and Singapore is almost around 4400 kilometers or 2700 miles. It takes about 6 hours by flight to reach Singapore. With a majority of weekly flights to  Singapore from various cities in Australia, the schedules of flights are subject to change/however, this is the availability of morning as well as evening flights to Australia. A number of connecting as well as direct flights fly from Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, etc. to Singapore every week. Various aircraft carriers assist this journey, such as - Cathay Pacific, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, etc. The prices vary according to the time of flights and your personal booking preferences, however for estimated flight tickets, it cost about 1500 AUD to 2600 AUD. The prices may see a spike closer to your date of travel and near future bookings in contrast to bookings done well in advance.

Hotel Information 

This exciting island city is home to some of the most unique and exciting hotels in the world. It has a variety of hotels that fall into different categories segregated as per pricing as well as popularity. Here are some of the hotels, concerning each price range, that is a definite hit to stay in Singapore.

  • 5 STAR HOTELS-some of the most expensive and appealing hotels include the four seasons, Grand Hyatt, the Fullerton hotel, Shangri-La, mandarin orchard, etc. With world-class amenities and luxuries experienced like never before, the price ranges vary from 490 AUD to about 1000 AUD.hotel prices are subject to change according to seasons and choice of stay.
  • 4 STAR HOTELS-When you want an ambient mix of luxury at an affordable price, Singaporean hotels with 4-star ratings come handy. Maintaining luxurious standards at a slightly lesser rate charge, some of the most famous hotels include- Concorde hotel, Furama riverfront, JEN Singapore, etc. These are rated as some of the best hotels in Singapore. Their price range varies from-250 AUD to 500 AUD.Book Singapore hotels such as these for a perfect stay.
  • 3 STAR HOTELS-A prospect of unlimited extras and recreational activities and things to do in Singapore include affordable and fun stays in Singapore. These 3 star Singapore hotel deals provide quality comfort stays priced between 100 AUD to 250 AUD.
  • 2 STAR HOTELS- an exciting yet basic stay at Singapore hotels can be easily available at a price range of 70 AUD to 100 AUD, depending on the type of stay and area of stay. You can easily book cheap hotels in Singapore at great prices.

Singapore Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in the city

The city is a paradise for those who want to have fun in the land of many wonders. Some of the top-rated Singapore attractions include-

  • Universal Studios in Singapore is one of the ultimate tourist destinations with over 100 different and unique filing equipment, sets, and unending recreational activities to participate in. Come to the world of cinematic justice and fulfills your movie dreams at Singapore in universal studios.
  • Marina Bay is one of the most serene places to be in a while in Singapore. The waterfront promenade allows tourists to breathe in the salty yet freshly tingling air with a gust of wind flowing through their hair. A purely romantic and cinematic experience, the marina bay is a place you cannot miss for dun and cost-free activities along the bay.
  • Visit the orchard road, the fashion street of Singapore, for a luxurious and spendthrift trip of your lives. With brands ranging from various price ranges, the orchard road is a universal favorite of tourists from around the world.

Top food places in Singapore

There are a lot of things to do in Singapore, but one has to indulge in decadent food options lined up in Singapore.

  • The Chinatown is an authentic and exciting place to try out delicious and savory Chinese treats. One must soak in the Chinese culture at Chinatown for an exquisite trip.
  • Have a taste of good local food at affordable prices at hawker points such as the Maxwell road hawker center.
  • Don’t forget to try out the signature chili crab dishes at Singaporean hawker markets as well as near bay area restaurants.

Travel to Singapore, a land of many treasures and exciting new opportunities with to uncover a side of efficient, reliable, and easy travel.with 24-hour customer service, readily available hotel and flight is an exquisite travel partner you need to try out. Singapore can’t wait for you to visit it.

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