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About Hangzhou

Hangzhou has a long history of 2,200 years and is one of the eight ancient capitals of China. Hangzhou, whose beauty is increased by West Lake, not only boasts the lake itself but also has a landscape surrounded on three sides by mountains and on one side by water. Go pray at Lingyin Temple, take a boat to explore Xixi National Wetland Park, or meander through the streets and alleys of the city and you will discover this the city is full of picturesque charm. The scholars and poets of the past have left behind a rich history of poetry and painting in Hangzhou. The streets and alleys of Hangzhou are filled with stories and poems.

Popular Attractions in Hangzhou

West Lake
25,917 Reviews
West Lake is associated with Hangzhou beauty. It is a beautiful scenery belt. The famous “10 Scenes of West Lake” surround the lake. Walk along the Sudi and Baidi causeway, or row yourself to the "Three Pools Mirror Moon" located at the middle of the lake. It is a spot where you can enjoy a complete view of the West Lake on your boat and feel the gentle ambience of Hangzhou. You can also rent a bicycle to ride around the lake and enjoy the freedom of stopping wherever you want for a photo.
Xixi National Wetland Park
17,724 Reviews
Boat Tour
Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the western part of Hangzhou, less than 5km from West Lake. It is known as one of the three "Xi's" along with Xihu (West Lake) and Xiling (the Seal Engravers' Society). The park is the frst and only wetland park in China combining urban life, farming and culture. It is known as the “Kidney of Hangzhou” and provides a variety of water views. A complete tour of the Xixi National Wetland Park should involve a combination of land and river routes. There are three causeways and ten sights at the Xixi National Wetland park in which Qiuxue Hut, the best scenery of the park can only be reached by boat only.
Hangzhou Songcheng Park
13,578 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
Hangzhou Songcheng Park is a large theme park in Hangzhou featuring the cultural characteristics of the Song Dynasty. It is located at the southwest of the West Lake Scenic Area with Wuyun mountain to its north. They have antique markets, tea houses, grocery stores, ironsmith shops, and wine shops that illustrate day to day life in the Song Dynasty era. You can enjoy chinese cultural performances like puppet shows and chinese shadow play or get your heart pumping by watching some chinese boxing. You might also encounter fully armored soldiers patrolling the street or hunting down fugitives. All of these adds up to give you a wonderful sense of traveling back in time. The large-scale musical “Song City: Thousand Years of Love” is a must-see in Songcheng.
Thousand Island Lake
6,103 Reviews
Thousand Island Lake is a huge man-made reservoir covering an area of 580 square kilometers on the upper reaches of Xin'an River, 160km from Hangzhou and Mount Huangshan. It is named after the 1,078 islands that spread across the lake. The lake is known for its crystal-clear waters and picturesque scenery. It is a popular choice for vacation and relaxation in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Meifeng Island, Huangdao Island, Monkey Island, Qiandaohu Stone Forest, Shilin Lake and Jiuyijie Waterfall are all attractions worth seeing. The several rafting spots around the lake should also not be missed in the summer heat, as you will definitely be rewarded with a fun and exciting experience.

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Trip Moments

Arch Bridge is a symbol of the prosperous town in the North of Hangzhou. It became an important figure in modernization in Hangzhou from 1895 to 1945. Residents that live in Arch Bridge have a rich cultural life. For example, the temples, theatres, cinemas, newspapers and domesticated animals have greatly enriched their lives.  During the Republic of China, the development of the Gongyu Bridge changed a little. In terms of architecture, the house has changed from a traditional Chinese house, to a rich and varied “World Architecture Exhibition.” On the commercial side, due to geographical disadvantages and a malformation of the bridge, the Japanese eventually gave up on their development and the business entered a state of decline.
Posted: 20 Dec 2018
Hangzhou Tiger Run Spring is the first spring of the West Lake Zhuquan. Along with Longjing Spring, it is the third best spring in the world. Hu Runquan is located in the Xiahui Temple, Baihefeng, Dacishan, which is to the Southwest of Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The source of this spring is legendary. According to the legend, in the Tang Dynasty, one of the sorghums arrived in the area and found that the scenery was so beautiful, it made the heart happy. However, there was no water source nearby. Although Gao Xi was reluctant, he felt that he had to move to another area. Before he moved, a fairy appeared to him and told him that spring water would be brought to him by two tigers. The next day, it happened exactly as the fairy had told him. This is why it is also called Tiger Run Spring. The waters of the spring are clean and clear and taste very sweet. When you visit the area, you should sample the tea made with the West Lake Lonjing waters. 
Posted: 19 Dec 2018
Coco Wang   
As an old driver who has been to Hangzhou dozens of times, I fall more in love with this city every time I go. It is impossible to write about all the pictures of the Holy Land at once. So, I will start by sharing one of the places I have seen. The Yungi Bamboo Trail is beautiful and the tea garden comes with a fresh style. Although I have seen pictures of them in many travel notes, the moment I saw them, I was amazed. We did not have a lot of people when we went, but it took a long time to take pictures of three people.  Tips: Take some transport that can go to the Yunqi Bamboo Trail Scenic Area, get off at Yungu Zhujing Station, and you are there. 
Posted: 1 Dec 2018
Angeline Yang   
Lingyin Temple is located in the northwest of West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It has a history of more than 1,600 years and is the earliest famous temple in Hangzhou. At that time, the Indian monk Hui Li came to Hangzhou and saw the mountain peaks and beautiful scenery. He thought that it was "the hidden spirit of the souls retreat", so he built a temple here and named it "Ling Yin".  The main buildings in the temple are the Tianwang Hall and the Daxiong Hall. The statue of Maitreya at the entrance to the Heavenly King Hall, the statue of the god of the gods behind the Maitreya Buddha is the work of the Southern Song Dynasty. The Daxiong Hall is 33.6 meters high and is one of the best preserved single-storey temple buildings in China. In the middle of the hall, there is a statue of gold. The statue is carved with fragrant wood, which is fine and solemn. On both sides of the main hall, there are two images of "Twenty Heavens" and "Twelve Circles". They are different in appearance and very lifelike.  Behind the temple, there are three-dimensional sculptures of the island, with more than 150 relics. When Lingyin Temple is covered with snow in winter, it is very serene and beautiful. Lamei with icicles reminds me of candied fruit. Before entering Lingyin Temple, you must first buy tickets for Feilaifeng. You can't bring your own incense when you go in. You will be offered three free incense when you enter the park.
Posted: 1 Dec 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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