Rong County
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Things To Do in Rong County

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Lee Kok WengMust visit. They have a caravan park but not sure where to rent a caravan. They also have a hotel inside, should be very quiet . The entrance fees is RMB 80 inclusive of buggy ride. Take the buggy to the end to enjoy the "Buddha" cliff first. Then take the buggy to the sky bridge. Have to pay another RMB 90. There will a steep stairs to climb. You can walk your way down after or take the slide down. That will be another RMB 30.
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Historical Architecture
Lee Kok WengIt was late. We did not went inside. We hang out at the park outside. Nice place to take some photo. Bit noisy due do street hawkers blasting music to attract customers.
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Ancient Settlement
xiaolouThis is a good Zhenwu Pavilion, is more than 400 years old buildings, and Hubei Huangqi Pavilion, Jiangxi Yuewang Pavilion and Hunan Yueyang Pavilion, the most important has never been rebuilt, compared to more precious.
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Hot Springs Resort
gz当地向导伊妹儿It is a very good choice to go to the hot spring in Paradise Lake Hot Spring Resort in the summer. The real hot spring has a very good environment, comfortable and pleasant, and feels particularly good. It is healthy and happy. It is very cost-effective and great.
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_CF***95Rongxian Dulu Mountain is worth going! It is a famous mountain in Rongxian County, Guangxi Province, and one of three famous mountains (Yang Guifei, Zhenwu Pavilion, Mingshan Dulu Mountain). It is located in the south of Rongxian County, about 10 kilometers away from the county town. It is famous for its typical Danxia landform landscape, and there are praises in the Daoshu. Mt. Dulu is the twentyth cave of 36 caves, covering 7 square kilometers. Successive temples have been known for their large audience and beautiful scenery. In ancient times, there were 13 views of Jiusi Temple, famous lectures such as Taijiyan, famous poet Su Dongpo, famous Li Gang, traveler Xu Xiake of Ming Dynasty and other famous people who had been famous tour titles, is a set of religion, culture, scenery in one of the famous mountains.
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_We***40I went there during the summer vacation this year, and no tickets are charged. Here is more of the style of the Republic of China, and it is a good place for vacation and leisure. When I went at night, the night view here was good, full of the style of the Republic of China. There is delicious sesame paste next to it. If you go on holidays, you will see different festival performances. The performances accompanied by the atmosphere of the Republic of China also have a special flavor, as if you are in the period of the Republic of China.